Magic from the Mediocre.

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My attempt to turn the events of everyday life into something more.

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There's a storm rolling in from the East and I can feel it in my bones, each rumble of thunder sending vibrations up my spine. The world comes alive at the first signs of rain, trees dance to welcome it in and creatures scurry to find places away from the reach of raindrops.

I think of myself as part flower, sunny days are well and good but rain is what keeps me alive. I stand up a bit straighter and breathe a bit deeper as I watch the clouds stream past overhead, as though they all have more places to be. I strain my ears for the first pitter-patter of raindrops hitting the tin roof above my bedroom; nature's lullaby that's sung me to sleep countless times before.

There's a storm rolling in and the world is running for cover, but I'm running to taste the first drops of water on my tongue.

writing imagination water rain storm rainstorm cloud clouds winter magic beautiful nature natural raindrops flower

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